Author Topic: Resolving Orphan Transactions  (Read 1904 times)

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Resolving Orphan Transactions
« on: February 25, 2015, 06:00:29 AM »
If you have an unconfirmed, (orphaned) output transaction, you'll need to dump your private key for your wallet address and then import that into a newly generated wallet.dat.

go to your debug console.

Code: [Select]
> Help > Debug
type listaccounts to list the accounts and select the one which contains your coins.
Generally it's the default account.

Code: [Select]
listaccounts ""
then type,

Code: [Select]
getaccountaddress ""
Dump your private key for that address.

Code: [Select]
dumpprivkey ""
Temporarily copy you privkey into notepad, and close Fastcoin-qt.
Go into to your fastcoin data folder

Code: [Select]
Rename your wallet.dat to something like wallet_backup.dat.
Open Fastcoin-qt, and it will generate a new wallet.dat.

Go back into your console, and import your private key.

Code: [Select]
Help > Debug > Console
Code: [Select]
importprivkey paste-your-private-key-here
Now be patient, maybe 10-20 mins for it import and re-scan.

You can type getinfo and when it finally returns the info,
you know the process has completed and your key has been imported.

Do not close and restart Fastcoin-qt until importing is complete.
All your coins will be contained in your new wallet.
Be sure to include a decent tx fee next time so it gets relayed.

Code: [Select]
>Settings > Options > Wallet > Pay TX Fee 0.001000000 or something
Also try using the coin control features for selecting your inputs.
You can also use this to monitor your transaction byte size to ensure you're including enough fee for the tx.

Code: [Select]
>Settings > Options > Display > Coin Control Features.
If you have any questions or need more help, jump on IRC,

Code: [Select]
> #fastcoin