Author Topic: Video tutorial on Wallet installation and how to Mine FST Solo or with Pool  (Read 2019 times)

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Look here if you would like to learn how to mine FST Solo or with a Pool.  Also great video on how to install the FST Wallet and what to expect when synchronizing your wallet for the very first time.

Please note if you are synchronizing your wallet for the very first time, it might be a good idea to have your computer connected to the internet via an Ethernet Cable.  Wifi does work but generally takes longer.

Also please note if you have installed your FST Wallet for the very first time and you notice no synchronization is taking place, even after you have rebooted your PC, try reinstalling the software over top of the original install, sometimes this helps get it past this rare "frozen" state as it synchronizes with the Block chain for the very first time.



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Yeah but there is no info, where we can register account for solo mining... Someone want to help?

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I tried to mine in these pools:
I started with cg miner and started mining, but on these sites it doesn`t show me a hash rate, but in cg miner it does!
Does anyone have a similiar proplem or doesn`t anyone know how to slove?