Author Topic: *20K BOUNTY OF FST coins FOR GETTING X64 ALPHA TO SOLOMINE*  (Read 729 times)

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I was having problems solomining on the official win32 I was able to solo mine on it for a few minutes,  and then because I have enormous hash (400MHS of scrypt), it would stop responding after a few minutes. I asked around and found an alpha X64 Fast coin. I was excited, because I have 32gb of ram, and though it could work better.  Everything worked , EXCEPT the one thing I needed to work, and THAT is the solomining. The solo mining DOES work on win32 version, BUT it has memory leaks and Im drowning it with over 400MHS of scrypt hash, so within a few minutes it stops responding. So Im going to announce a bounty of 20,000 FST to anyone that can get the solomining function to work with the x64 version of windows as I tried everything and could not get the solo mining to work. I even used my .conf file from my working solo mining version win32 version, and I cant get it to mine. X64 alpha wallet works great, EXCEPT the soloming. There is going to be a halving of the block reward on the 23rd of may, so I REALLY need this working by May 13th at the latest. Bounty to expire on May 14th 2015, 12:01 am PST.

Here is the link to a complied X64 windows binary Alpha version 10 , compiled by the dev:


If you can get this working , email me at [email protected] with instructions, and as soon as its confirmed working, I will pay the bounty (just need a day or less to mine the 20k of FST)