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Title: [FST SOON] iMineCoins - Get full blocks, not 0.00001% with low hashrate!
Post by: mrbr1ghtside on March 18, 2014, 06:42:04 PM

Quick Pool Introduction

iMineCoins ("IMC") is a multi-coin mining pool that supports inter alia Litecoin. Unlike some other mining pools, IMC does not aim to be the biggest pool, rather we focus on pool stability and performance.
The operators of this pool are MrBr1ghtSide (;u=20744) and ThomasFX (;u=16171), with our special thanks to Crazik (;u=13730) for the initial help on setting up this pool. The pool will not make use of PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares ( nor PPS (pay Per Share), but rather uses FAIR, our own reward system that is very beneficial for everyone, also for low hashrates.

The pool is currently in development phase, once the needed tests are performed and the pool proves to be reliable, fast and secure, the pool will be launched to the public.
Until the public launch, we are in search of a group of miners that are willing to take a break from making money, and mine on our address for a few days so we can test everything. (Ofcourse you will be rewarded for the blocks that are found)

Why You Should Join

Our pool uses a dedicated server and it has been optimized as much as possible. Other features we offer;

(See FAQ for more info)

How to Start Mining

Signup at (, browse to Getting Started in the menu, and find a coin that you would like to mine. We support multiple coins :)


First, please refer to the FAQ (,197.msg782.html#msg782). We try to update the FAQ with relevant questions, your answer might be here already.
Support is provided in this forum thread, as well as on IRC #iminecoins (
Please minimize the amount of personal messages, rather use this thread to ask your questions.

Twitter: @iMineCoins (
Title: Re: [FST SOON] iMineCoins - Get full blocks, not 0.00001% with low hashrate!
Post by: mrbr1ghtside on March 18, 2014, 06:43:44 PM
Frequently Asked Questions

How am I being rewarded?
Unlike all mainstream pools, we have our own reward system. It is fair, because now people without those gigantic hashrates and mining equipment are finally able to make money as well!

To better explain this system, let us give you an example;

Bob - 20KH/s
James - 28MH/s
Normal scenario (all pools): Bob will get 0,00000000001% of the reward, James will get 99%. Bob is considering to give up on mining.

Our scenario: When the block is found, our server will randomly select one person between all miners of that block(Bob and James), with the chances being 50/50. Let's say James wins that draw. What will happen: James will receive the full 100% of that block, but he will also receive a mark next to his account saying he has already won 1 time. Mining goes on and the next block is found. This time the chances aren't 50/50 anymore, but 66/33 in favor of Bob, because James already has won. Bob now has a greater chance to win, and so he does. Bob gets the full 100% and is very happy to be mining at

This marks counter is reset every day/every 2 days, because else it would become impossible to win after some time, and new members would instantly win everything.

What if I mine for 10 seconds and then leave, do I get paid?
No, on 12/03/2014, we have upgraded our FAIR-Pay algorithm to version 2.0, which has made these kind of situations impossible. You will only be eligible for a reward if you have mined at least 5 shares within 10 minutes of the block being found. To prevent you from simply "guessing" when a new block would be found, and trying your luck, we are only showing found blocks when they have 5 confirmations. If you do mine for only a few seconds, nothing will happen, you will not get banned.

I have a suggestion or feature request
Great! Your suggestions and feedback are more than welcome. We strive to offer a great pool, filled with features our users desire.
Please get in touch with us, preferrably by replying to this thread, on IRC or by PM'ing one of the pool operators.