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Mining / Solo mining config for wallets
« on: July 28, 2017, 10:09:05 PM »
Hello everyone,

The following post should help anyone trying to configure their PC to SOLO mine FastCoin using the wallets.

This assumes you have a working FST wallet on your mining hardware.  Also you will need to download the cgminer 4.3.5-scrypt sofware.

You can download a copy of that here, if the link no longer works you should be able to find one easy using google...

Once you have downloaded the software proceed with configuring the necessary files.

fastcoin.conf just needs this


cgminer.conf should look like

"pools" : [
        "url" : "",
        "user" : "fastcoinrpc",
        "pass" : "somepass"
"api-description" : "cgminer 4.3.5-scrypt.2",
"api-mcast-addr" : "",
"api-mcast-code" : "FTW",
"api-mcast-des" : "",
"api-mcast-port" : "4028",
"api-port" : "4028",
"btc-address" : "**fastcoinwalletaddress***",
"expiry" : "24",
"failover-switch-delay" : "300",
"gridseed-options" : "baud=115200,freq=800",
"hotplug" : "5",
"log" : "5",
"queue" : "2",
"scan-time" : "3",
"scrypt" : true,
"shares" : "0"

Hope this helps, please DM me or blog on this post if you require further assistance!

"Something Wonderful is about to Happen!"  :)


Please note, the documentation is completely optional and is not mandatory, we have only provided it as a courtesy for users that would like a work around as an automated solution may be made available at any time.

The root cause of the problem appears to be mining related, as perhaps not enough miners (Solo or in a pool) are NOT using the release and rather are focusing their equipment on our 8.7.2 release of our software.  Rest assured all transactions continue to operate as they have for the past 4 years, and the problem with the "Stuck" wallets could go away on its own once a larger number of capable miners make themselves available.

You can find the link to the work around here...

Essentially the document has you install the 8.7.2 Fastcoin wallet, if users already know how to do this, you do not need to follow the document.  It is highly recommended that users backup their wallets before performing the procedure.

Would also like to add some additional info, the following might be an easier approach then the above, if you have a second PC where you can install the 8.7.2 wallet on.  If you do, then simply install the 8.7.2 wallet on your secondary PC and simply replace the existing "wallet.dat" file from the first PC onto it.  Be sure the wallet is not running when you do this.  So basically, take a copy of the "wallet.dat" file from your first PC that was running the wallet and copy that file over to the secondary PC.  It’s always a good idea to perform the backup regardless, and you may need to download the Block bootstrap as well, but at least the second PC makes this whole process easier.

As mentioned above, it looks like the root cause of the problem has to do with not enough miners, configuring their mining equipment to the release.  You can help remidy the problem if you configure your mining gear to the settings.

I put a post on that here...

Good luck!


Problems Solved / Re: Mac OS Wallet 10.2.2 Not Syncing 3+ Days
« on: July 21, 2017, 02:08:01 PM »
An additional update to this thread, please note a community member was kind enough to post a HOW to article for Mac users within the above stated Google link.

The document is called "Mac Help Doc How to copy over FST wallet files onto Mac.pdf"

I have provided it here for easier access below as well...

All my Best


Problems Solved / Re: Mac OS Wallet 10.2.2 Not Syncing 3+ Days
« on: July 08, 2017, 05:50:44 PM »
Quit wallet, rebooted, and no change.

Says No Block Source Available when hovering over loading bar.
Catching up
Processed 2990306 of transaction history.
Last received block was generated 2 years and 45 weeks ago.

Wallet Version - v.
Hello Evoman1,

We believe we have a resolution to this problem.  Some of our support team members recently tested the following solution and it work for them on the Mac iOS.

You can download the follwoing FastCoin BlockChain file located here on your Mac...

Within this shared drive there are instructons within a PDF file.  These instructions are specified for Windows users for now, but a Mac "How to" document will be uploaded shortly.

In the meatime as you wait for that document to be created, download and unzip the file on your Mac.

Instead of copying over the downloaded FastCoin Block as specified in the Windows version described in the PDF,

You can copy over the unzipped files to the following folder using the “Finder” application on your Mac …

~/Library/Application Support/Fastcoin/

Before copying over the files, make sure your Mac FST Wallet is turned off.

Once the unzipped files have been successfully copied over, restart your Mac FastCoin Wallet.

Please let us know if that helps.

Best wishes


Problems Solved / Re: Mac OS Wallet 10.2.2 Not Syncing 3+ Days
« on: July 08, 2017, 04:57:43 PM »
Hi there,

My wallet stopped synchronising on the exact same block: 2990306
and I am not even on Mac but Windows 10.
I have the same wallet version: v0.10.2.2-95d5cf4-dirty as the guy who started this topic.

I am not a computerguy, but can see this topic is now under solved questions so I would appreciate to know what the solution will be for a guy on windows 10.

Hello Hooloovoo,

Thank you for your note, you can expidite and potentially "resovle" the Windows 10.2.2 FST wallet issue you are reporting above by following the instructions contained in this link....

A PDF document is located there and it shouuld guide you through the process.  A FastCoin support team member uploaded an brand new FST Block recently, so don't worry if the dates in the PDF document don't match up exactly as the previous upload was performed about 3 weeks ago.

Let us know if this helps your Windows issue.

With respects to the Mac problem, our support staff are currently investigating and trying to come up with a similar solution.  We will post it in this thread once resolved.

All the Best


Problems Solved / Re: Mac OS Wallet 10.2.2 Not Syncing 3+ Days
« on: June 24, 2017, 06:24:26 PM »
Quit wallet, rebooted, and no change.

Says No Block Source Available when hovering over loading bar.
Catching up
Processed 2990306 of transaction history.
Last received block was generated 2 years and 45 weeks ago.

Wallet Version - v.

Hi Evoman1,

From quick glance, it might be a firewall problem with your router, you can review what one of the community members posted here on this subject concerning Mac's,232.msg879.html#msg879

Give that a tray and let us know if it resolved your issue.


Problems Solved / Re: Mac OS Wallet 10.2.2 Not Syncing 3+ Days
« on: June 22, 2017, 06:43:16 PM »
1. The latest version of MAC OS as always. I believe its Sierra.
2. Mac OS 10.2.2 Wallet file
3. My Mac has been connected to WIFI the entire time with no shut offs.
4. I have not tried stopping the program and rebooting yet.

Thanks for the info, easiest thing to try at this point is to shut off the wallet and reboot your Mac.

Once rebooted, try re-launcing your wallet again, if the wallet is still stuck, please tell us the date that it is stuck on.


Problems Solved / Re: Mac OS Wallet 10.2.2 Not Syncing 3+ Days
« on: June 22, 2017, 06:32:31 PM »
Hey guys,

3+ days with computer left on the whole time and the syncing progress seems to have completely halted.

What should I do next?
Hello Evoman1,

Thank you for your post, coulple quick questions and we will do our best to assist you with this.

1.)  What Version of Mac OS are you running your FastCoin wallet on?
2.)  What Version of the FastCoin wallet are you running on your Mac OS?
3.)  Is your Mac connected to Wifi or a dedicated cable to the internet?
4.)  Have you tried turining off your FastCoin Wallet and rebooting your Mac?


Fastcoin Discussion / Re: Transaction Volume of Fastcoin
« on: February 04, 2014, 05:04:38 PM »
VISA handles 150 000 000 transactions a day. with 86 400 seconds per day, that is 1 739 transactions per second. But we also have to count for other credit cards, bank transfers and a new kinds of transactions that we do not have today, such as micro payments for bloggers, filmmakers etc.

Let us assume roughly 10 000 transaction a second is needed for a viable world crypto currency. Of course not, one single coin will dominate all payments, but let us say that the biggest have 10% stake and hence has to be able to handle 1 000 transactions a seconds. The closer an Altcoin is to be able to handle this transaction volume, the bigger potential it has to grow to one of the most dominant ones.

With a block generation of 12 sec, each Fastcoin block would need to be able to handle 10 000 transactions. If a Fastcoin block could handle as many transactions as a Bitcoin block, we are already well on our way.

But how many transactions can one single Fastcoin block handle? Can we get together and run a test?

Thanks for the literature, will have a look on it.
Those are all excellent examples of Targets, however we need to remind ourselves that Bitcoin itself is in the experimental stage, especially for large volume of transactions as listed above.  It would probably be a good place to start to see if FST can handle the 7 transactional limit first, similar to Bitcoin's hard capped limitation.  This would at least answer the question of FST's current hard cap.  It is also under the understanding that these "Hard Caps' can be lifted, what is uncertain at this time is the potential cost to security this change would make.

I have witnessed over 30 transactions per block handled by FST with no issue, no reason why it could not handle 84 or more, perhaps because this currency is so early in its release we have not seen a need beyond these numbers as it has been purely organic growth at this point.  It would be interesting to see how you would like to implement a test with this on FST CWestermark?

Do you have a bot available that could potentially run multiple simulated transactions against the FST block chain?  Just curious as to how we would construct a legitimate testing area to test this?

Development & Technical Information / Re: Windows blockchain download?
« on: January 20, 2014, 04:30:32 AM »
Looks good guy's,

I think also updated their download page to include the Blockchain download as well

Its great to see this coin continue with development, so many other coin's have very little community involvement, I must say the FastCoin community is one of the better ones out there for sure.

Mining / Re: Mining From Wallet
« on: December 12, 2013, 06:36:56 PM »
Here is a list that might be useful?  I dug it up out of the archives, but since Bitcoin is primarily dominated by ASIC mining now, this is more useful to Script based miners like us.

Not sure if this is of any help, but maybe the Litecoin Linux client might have some useful clue's we could use?

Fastcoin Discussion / Re: Welcome to Fastcoin Forums!
« on: December 09, 2013, 09:17:42 PM »
Very nice, thanks Coradan!

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