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Trading / Re: Trade ebay-googleplay-itunes-walmart cards for btc
« Last post by veebel on May 24, 2018, 11:52:58 AM »

Buy..sell...lots cards ebay , walmart , amazon , onevanilla , greendot , bestbuy , googleplay , target ... for bitcoins , alipay , webmoney !!!

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Trading / [BOUNTY] [ICO] SuchApp – Upto 50M Tokens Bounty Rewards!
« Last post by RomanHamid08 on May 22, 2018, 10:24:09 PM »

SuchApp is the FIRST 5G Blockchain enabled messaging App created to bring revolutionary changes to how people communicate on Social Media.

SuchApp is proud to announce the most innovative, exciting & easiest Bounty Campaign ever seen!

We are inviting people to participate in our Bounty Campaign; it is going to be amongst the BIGGEST Bounty Campaign ever with 50M Tokens Rewards available to take. We have a simple process for everyone to participate in the Bounty Campaign, so please follow the links below and sure to read all of the instructions on the signup page!

Please join social media influencers, cryptocurrency investors, and thousands of fans in the most dynamic Bounty Campaign you will see on the web!

Social Media has become the most crucial aspect of people’s lives, especially for Millennials. So why not have the best most cutting edge platform to communicate? Say, for example, a social media app that merges the best qualities of messaging apps and your traditional social media platforms?

This is why we are introducing "SuchApp", it's a revolutionary project that will transform online communication.

SuchApp is the FIRST 5G Blockchain enabled messaging App that is going to revolutionize the way we communicate on Social Media. It combines the finest structure for messaging with the power of a social network architected over a robust, enterprise-level blockchain economy to create the world’s first 5G messaging ecosphere. With SuchApp, it will allow users to get their smartphone into a single point of contact for talking to friends; socializing and networking with like-minded people; buying, selling and trading goods and services and making payments with the SuchApp’s utility SP Coin (SPS).

SuchApp is a product with some of the most sizzling features that you are ever going to find, including Best-Of-Class Messaging, Stunning Live 4K Filters, Powerful Marketing Functionality and Blockchain Powered and much more, it’s a stuff that is going to bring revolutionary changes in the industry of Social Media!

SuchApp, unlike various other projects with their products, is not in its development stage, it is ALREADY in an advanced-technical development stage. It is all handled by a team of highly qualified people with years and years of experience behind, ensuring everything is in best possible form. But that’s not all that SuchApp is here to offer people; it is a creation that is going to change the rule of the industry with some of the finest features and facilities including Exclusive debit/gift card for handling the SPS.

So, now you could have complete control over your assets and digital currency with this fascinating thing called Debit/Gift card! And it’s entirely safe and secure just like any banking cards and gives the easiest way to access making sure everything is perfectly in place for you!

SuchApp is already partnered with the exclusive Billionaire’s Society of an elite group of 20 investors with a collective net worth exceeding $89 billion, and about which more can be read from here:

The ICO sales are about to begin in next 5 days, so get yourself prepared to grab up this once in a lifetime opportunity or else you will be left to regret!

Check out further from below:

Official Website:




Social Media Links:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- LinkedIn:
- Instagram:
- Telegram:
- Kakao:
- Reddit:
- Discord:
- YouTube: 

How easy life can become if the system of recharging of electric cars and other battery-powered vehicles take over and can be found everywhere. It not only could help the nature but also gives people a cheaper way forward. That’s exactly what we have thought out and out comes the FIRST alternative system for easy and cost-efficient recharging of electric cars and other battery-powered vehicles.

Introducing to you one of the most innovative and unique creations of 2018 -! from early one is gaining great encouragement from all corners and due to such innovative and path-breaking concept, it was chosen (voted) as one of the BEST startups of 2018, at DEWA Innovation Week in Dubai, in February 2018. But that's not the only achievement has. Amro Zakaria, one of the advisors of eCharge, was chosen (voted) Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 at the MiddleEast Blockchain & Fintech Conference.

It is a revolutionary project that’s going to change the way we look at Electric Mobility and step towards a realistic investment with unlimited potential. is already joined by thousands of hotels including Hilton, Mercure, Marriott and Sheraton with over 120 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We are installing eCharge station at hotels and parking lots at absolutely no cost helping people with making their life easy! And it is the step towards the bright future that is often talked and dreamed about!

With such project in the pipeline, it's not easy to become part of it, therefore, this is the time investors are able to join us with ease to get the highest benefits and be able to contribute to the greater future!

With the ICO already live, it is running into the last leg with less than 10 days remaining. It is the last opportunity to be part of such innovative and revolutionary project. And that too with the price at it's lowest before eventually riding up high.

So, come and be part of this before you are left to regret!

Check out further from below:

Official Website:




Social Media Links:

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Trading / Crypto traders to get more pairs as HitBTC lists Duecoin
« Last post by RomanHamid08 on May 20, 2018, 12:43:59 PM »
As all is set for HitBTC to list Duecoin on its advanced Bitcoin exchange platform, crypto traders will have the added benefits of trading more crossed pairs. Since digital currency gained global prominence, with the huge gain in price, especially last year, the numbers of traders investing and trading on cryptocurrencies has increased. As more listing of new coins are introduced by prominent exchange platforms traders would have more pairs to trade and leverage their invested funds. Duecoin is fast gaining popularity as a secured and reliable wallet system for digital financial transactions.
How many of us know that there are over 22,000 children die every day due just because of Poverty? How many of us know that over billions are homeless and have absolutely no resource through which they can fill in their requirements let alone luxuries.

And because of all this, children are often left to sacrifice their childhood and take wrong paths just for survival! That’s why finally something here with an aim to change that and probably make a difference to the world that’s really going in the wrong direction.

Introducing to you Mesa Del Mundo, it’s the platform created to help children get their needs. Not only Munda Token is created as an easy source to help the needy, but it is also to be able to get you engage with them via LIVE webcam! With daily life streamed feeding programs, it will allow YOU to interact with children and caregivers to find out how they are working out their life, which to help to build up some sort of connection that can work a long way in changing someone’s life! Or one can watch the videos at to have a better idea about the issues faced by these children.

Mundo Token sales have started up and currently in Pre-ICO phase and it’s a primary funding source for the project based on such noble theme. The Mundo Unido Inc. network ranges to some of the biggest retailers in the industry like 7-Eleven, Family Mart, OXXO and international franchises to provide a convenient way to exchange fiat currencies to Ethereum and Mundo Token and to establish MUO (Mundo Token Symbol) as the medium of exchange for the Mesa Del Mundo community.

Mundo Unido Inc. is also to launch World’s FIRST trading platform for Social-Engagement and Lifestyle Cryptocurrencies soon. It comes across as one of the biggest creation of the year with a backdrop of such noble concept. Mundo Exchange is built with aim of being amongst the FASTEST Cryptocurrency trading platforms, which already have caught the attention of many and also sets several features that are going to become the benchmark for others to follow.

It’s time to come forward to join hands together for this noble cause and be part of this revolutionary project that promises the BEST and only the BEST!

You are also invited to be part of the LARGEST Multi-Token Airdrop. It is going to be a one-time Airdrop event after the Official Launch of the exchange. The platform will give away limited amounts of ALL listed coins and tokens (including MUO) to the participants.

In order to be eligible for this MASSIVE Airdrop, all you need is to get yourself pre-registered for a FREE account at the Mundo Exchange during the promotional time window.

That’s not ALL as for the Mundo Tokens; you are able to 100% bonus on the first phase that’s currently going on!

So, don’t miss out on this thrilling, exciting and memorable opportunity you could ever ask for!

Check out for further info below:

Theme song on YouTube The Mesa Del Mundo project has already caught the attention of several international artists. In a close cooperation of singer and songwriter Mia Rio, composer and producer Ash Bordeaux and singer Sarah McGinnis, the team created the song “The love we ask for (Table of the world)”. The video features footage of the daily work of the Mesa Del Mundo teams with malnourished children. The track that can be found at has already gained over 100,000 views and a strong engagement from the community.

Official Websites:



- [/B]
Hello all!


*Rate is negotiated in chat!
*If you want exchange with me contact me trough my Icq,Whatsapp +37258946164

*ICQ> 721911444
*Whatsapp +37258946164

Trading / Blockweather – The smartest choice for investors!
« Last post by RomanHamid08 on May 18, 2018, 05:11:26 AM »
In life everyone wishes to succeed and be rich in shortest possible time, but in a realistic way that’s NEVER possible for the majority, yet in trying to do it people get stuck into wrong choices and end up getting their dreams crushed. This is where making the right judgment is so crucial is becoming successful and achieving the dreams we all see!

In an effort to make life simpler and not having to put your investment at risk comes the “Smart” choice called Blockweather!

Blockweather is a hedge fund with investment and trading expertise in the digital currencies market, which includes Bitcoin, alternative coins, distributed applications, and ICOs. It was amongst the FIRST few of this kind and now is rated as the TOP 3 Cryptocurrency hedge fund investment firm. It is carried by Wall Street and Cryptocurrency expert traders with over 50 years of trading experience combined, the performance speaks for itself with outperforming buy-and-hold Bitcoin by 40% and S&P 500 by 24%.

Blockweather brought 49% returns in last 30 days while there was 100% growth for Q4 2017. And since inception, there is 188% growth seen, which means 16% average monthly returns! If $100,000 was invested since inception, it would be worth $280,640 vs. $100,989 with the S&P 500. It’s the reason it is slowly becoming the go-to choice for any sensible investor!

With Blockweather, there are many options available for investors to select with. From managed accounts to Blockweather Quantum Aggressive Growth Fund, Blockweather Moderate Allocation Fund and Blockweather Strategic Growth Fund. Unlike other companies, there is no early withdrawal fee, so the funds are free and available to be withdrawn whenever one desires!

The simple aim is for making the investment in digital currencies simple, easy and profitable for people like never before through all top strategies including Long/short trading, options, futures, hedging, arbitrage, algorithmic trading, and Wall Street trading strategies. And is done by the team that combines of the finest brains of the industry.

Blockweather is a fully secured U.S based company registered with FinCEN and is fully AML/KYC compliant, which is what gives people the confidence and comfort of making their investment with without any fear whatsoever and able to achieve great returns by doing absolutely nothing!

Blockweather apart from presenting such tempting opportunities for investor along with staying miles ahead from competitors. Blockweather not only sets the benchmark when it comes to lower fees, but also have highest commissions on the profitable trades for the traders. It is to ensure that each and every individual that becomes part of Blockweather doesn’t get anything less than the BEST!

So, now is your opportunity to be part of something that not only guarantees you a bright future but ensures complete security for the funds.

For further info visit the Official Website or Email us at 
Trading / Re: Trade ebay-googleplay-itunes-walmart cards for btc
« Last post by veebel on May 17, 2018, 02:44:40 PM »
Loading codes

need lots of googleplay-amazon-ebay-walmart-target-bestbuy / best rates for sure !

Contact info

➡icq➡ 725962050
➡skype➡ live:veebel.georg
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Trading / Earn Rewards On A Secure Platform
« Last post by RomanHamid08 on May 16, 2018, 03:47:18 PM »
Are you seeking for a secure platform to earn rewards? TokenUnion is a partner of choice. TokenUnion is a decentralized platform that rewards customers for holding Ether or ERC20 token. With cyber-attacks, password breaches, identity theft and document fraud on the rise, it becomes very obvious that the current online safety measures are not sufficient.

TokenUnion is solving these problems by decentralizing authorization, authentication, verification and certification. That’s not all; all TokenUnion platform transactions will be fueled by an application specific token, the UNI. Isn’t it cool? You can invite friends to register on the platform in order to increase your rewards.
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